Q: How to signup a ProductAI account?

Please submit your request from Free Trial, our account manager will contact with you by phone later.

Q: How to pay my bill in ProductAI

ProductAI Console supports self-serve payment. Unipay, bank transfer, alipay enterprise account are supported now.

Q: What is the difference between paid account and trial account?

ProductAI has trial account type and paid account type. The trial account allows you to use all the opened services of ProductAI freely. After trial period, the account will be shutdown, and all the services and data in the account will be deleted. The trial account also has some quota limitations, e.g.:

Constrainted TypesTrial AccountPaid Account
Sum of Image Set, Product Set and Custom Training Set55 by default
Search Service Count66 by default
Image Amount per Image Set100,00050,000,000 by default
Query per Second15 by default

Note: for paid account, if you want a higher quota, please contact with our account manager.

Q: After my account is shutdown, will my service and data be deleted?

When your account is shutdown, all of your service and data will be deleted, and never be recovered.